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A Special Minecraft RPG map with certain Forge Mods that has a unique playstyle centered around the acquiring of weapons and armour.

Description of the IW RPG

Immersive Weapons RPG does not have a set levelling system, but a heart-level system may be implemented in the future.  As of right now, the RPG is in Alpha Stage, with a long way to go before we can actually kickstart the project.  We have testers who are currently trialing out test-weapons, armour and items.  After all, we don't want any overpowered equipment or useables.  We are also very open to adding new mods, so long as those mods are within our range/bounds of balance and suitability to the game both environmentally and lore-wise.

29/03/14 - IM Weapons RPG for Minecraft is finally being kickstarted once again!! This time, in order to ensure forwards-compatibility, no mods will be used, and the server will be functionable on vanilla.  Some bukkit mods may be installed in order to fully immerse player's inside the experience.  

The map is currently being redeveloped on Minecraft 1.6.4, but we hope to update it to 1.7.5 as soon as possible.  

Right now, due to time issues, only the lore and non-physical aspects of the map are being produced.  History and item-lore will be worked on, with the actual map and towns being less important.  

Latest activity

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